Natural in Black Haircream
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beautiful black hair.
How To Use
1. Before apply, hair must be washed and dry with towel, maintain little moisture
2. By using finger tips, rub the cream all over the scalp and massage to ensure natural active ingredients are absorbed faster for better result
3. After apply cream, one can use hair dryer to dry the hair
** If feel bit oily, use hair dryer to blow the hair dry and hair will be smooth and dry**
Apply Natural In Black Hair Cream on scalp only, please do not apply on inflammation or wound area if have
*** Not suitable for goiter patient or allergy to sulfur powder ***
Wash hand after apply
Usage Tips:
For better result, this hair cream must apply properly for it works effectively. Before apply one can wash the hair, but if not wash cleanly, the surface of the scalp would blocked by cuticle scale and reduce its effectiveness
After dry with towel, rub some cream over the scalp surface and massage to help absorption.
For those always dying hair, effectiveness of the cream would be reduced compare to those without dying their hair. Like our customer Ah Hui never dye his hair, after using Black In Natural hair cream about a month time, his hair care turning black.
Regular use of the Natural-in-Black Hair Cream helps promote the natural blackening of grey hair, prevent hair loss, increase density of hair, remove dandruff and reduce scalp itch. Please note the results might vary according to individual hair conditions.