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Welcome to G2GET!

BILLION FABULOUS SDN BHD is an online shopping company which integrates and links the parties of networking entrepreneurs as well as small to medium business owners using an innovative and well-integrated marketing platform that enables the both parties to benefit from each other and to support one another through small stepping stones of progress, onwards and upwards towards a successful lifestyle, a successful individual, a successful business and mostly through an ever-learning journey in creating a greater knowledge and experience for each and every Business Partner in our business.

Our constant work and progress focuses on being honest not only to others but also to ourselves. We focus on meeting the most formal ethical standards in every business dealings. We try our very level best to imply on things we say and turn them into action. We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions and our work.

An imminent focus on building trust is a must for us. We learn to trust, respect and support each other in all aspects and in all forms of situation and condition. We strive to earn the trust and respect of our colleagues as well as our partners.

We learn from and respect the cultures in which we work. We value and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the varied perspectives and talents they provide. We have an inclusive work environment and actively embrace a diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.

We seek new opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary solutions. We use our creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems. With our combined experience, knowledge, technology, and perseverance enable us to overcome challenges and deliver value.

We have an unwavering commitment to being a good partner focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships with governments, other companies, our customers, our communities and each other.

Protecting People and the Environment
We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and protection of our assets and the environment. We aim to be admired for world-class performance through disciplined application of our Operational Excellence Management System.

High Performance
We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we strive to continually improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations – our own and those of others. We drive for results with energy and a sense of urgency.

Our Strategic Plan sets direction, aligns our organization and differentiates us from the competition. It guides our actions to successfully manage risk and deliver value to all our members.

Enterprising Strategies
Our Company takes pride in investing in people in order to strengthen organizational capability and develop the potential of a talented global workforce that gets results the right way

Execution Our company perseverance focuses in execution in a form of excellence through rigorous application of our operational excellence and capital stewardship systems and disciplined cost management

Growth Our Company is constantly concentrating on generating a substantial and ongoing growth rate by using our competitive advantages to maximize value from existing assets and capture new opportunities

Leadership We focus on building leaders that are not only successful as an individual, but motivated to lead, to educate, to motivate, to encourage, to expand and to support their network portfolio and by surrounding themselves in a positive, productive and constructive environment around them.

Focus We strive on creating discipline and dedication towards moving forward and climbing the stepping stones of each and every individual and Business Partner in our organisation to realising their career goals and their lifestyle achievements.

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