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远红外理疗贴Far infrared physiotherapy paste
RM 150.00
远红外理疗贴 结构及组成 由远红外陶瓷粉,丙烯酸压敏胶和无纺布及硅油纸制成。剥离强度不小于1.0N/ cm,持粘性不大于2.5mm,法向比辐射率不低于80%。 适用范围 ZS-I适用于颈椎病,肩周炎,腰椎间盘突出,骨性关节炎和软组织损伤(非急性期)辅助治疗。 禁忌症 装有心脏起搏器患者、出血倾向性疾病患者、局部皮肤破损感染者,孕妇和有过敏体质患者慎用。 注意事项 1.仅限一次性使用,用后销毁。 2.包装如有损坏,严禁使用。 3.使用时严格按照使用说明进行。 使用说明 清洁患处,确认包装没有损坏后,打开包装,撕下贴剂的隔离膜,贴于患处,每48小时更换一次。 储存条件 产品应存放在相对湿度不超过80%,无腐蚀性气体,阴凉,干燥,通风良好和清洁的环境中。 规格:110mm x 130mm Far infrared physiotherapy paste Structure and Composition Made of far infrared ceramic powder, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, non-woven fabric and silicone oil paper. Peel strength no less than 1.0n/cm, stickiness no more than 2.5mm, and normal emissivity no less than 80%. Scope of Application Zs-I is suitable for cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, osteoarthritis, and soft tissue loss adjuvant therapy for injuries (not acute). Contraindication Patients with pacemakers, haemorrhagic diseases, locally damaged skin, pregnant women and people with allergies should use with caution. Announcements 1. Only one-time use, and destroy after use. 2. If the package is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use. 3. Use strictly in accordance with instructions. Instructions for use Clean the affected part, after confirm no damage of the package, open it, tear off the patch isolation film and put it on the affected part, replace the affected area every 48 hours. Storage Conditions The product shall be stored in an environment with no more than 80% relative humidity, free from corrosive gases, cool, dry, well-ventilated and clean. Specification: 110mm x 130mm

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