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Zinnia Inner Cleanser 排毒王 (30caps/box)
RM 80.00
ZINNIA Inner Cleanse is a product made from 100% natural herbs, it’s traditionally used to relieve constipation, It’s so simple and convenient, just 1 capsule to help you get rid of constipation. Hurry to experience these amazing effects to regain your health and confidence! Zinnia inner cleanse definitely will be your 1st choice! Relieves constipation Dosage : 1 cap per-day before bed : Health Physique, Constipation. 2 caps per-day before bed : Severe constipation (5 days above) Drink min. 3 liter water daily ZINNIA Inner Cleanse 排毒王是100%纯天然草本植物制成的排便保健品。它完全符合了都市人的需求,简单且方便的助你摆脱便秘困扰。一颗排毒王足以让你排出体内累积的粪便,肚子不再感觉胀胀的,快来体验它的惊人效果,重拾健康与自信! ZINNIA Inner Cleanse 绝对是你的首选产品。 排毒王的功效:改善便秘 服用方式 : - 通便,便秘 : 晚上睡前服用1颗. 严重便秘 (5天以上) : 晚上睡前服用2颗 成份: 山楂 180mg 绿茶 90mg 车前子 90mg 决明子 80mg 夏枯草 60mg 简单、方便 不含甲基苯乙基胺和氟拉明 不含人造色素,防腐剂,添加剂

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